December 1-2, 2022

Callaway Resort & Gardens
100 Meadow View Lane
Pine Mountain, GA 31822

GREEA Instructor Workshop

Thursday, December 1, 2022

Presentation Skills: Do I Have Your Attention Now – Instructor: Sabrina Lowery

This course is designed to give real estate instructors the opportunity to approach teaching with new and innovative techniques. By designing curriculum that will leave your students with memorable moments during their learning experience, you will cultivate an environment of learners who appreciate the way you teach. Mastering your presentation skills requires confidence, organization, digital skills, and dynamic lesson planning. We will review 10 tips that will help improve your presentation skills for future students, from all backgrounds and ages.

Handout: Do I Have Your Attention Now?

Managing Crisis and Building Resiliency

In the program we will discuss capitalizing on your strengths.  Please take a few minutes to complete the survey and bring a copy of the results with you to class.  (Do it from the heart)

The strengths survey –  www.viacharater.org/survey/account/register

Once you have registered, please select the “I want to take the VIA 120” and begin the survey.  The survey consists of 120 questions. At the end of the survey, you will need to complete a demographic data collection.  There are only a couple of required data points.  After the data collection you will see three options for receiving your ranking.  Please select Option 3:  Free VIA Me! Character Strengths Profile.  A top-down ranking of character strengths with brief description. 

Once on the VIA Character Strength Profile page please scroll to the bottom and select “Show All Results”.  Please print the results and bring with you to class. 

What Brokers Need to Know – Instructor: Nakia Brooks

During this course of instruction, the instructor will give a detailed outline of the current issues the Georgia Real Estate Commission is having with Broker’s. Specifically, the most common violations that the Commission is currently seeing with Broker’s.

The instructor will walk through the process of building a course based on the content the student learned from the last hour of instruction. The instructor will teach why building courses for brokers will benefit the real estate industry and assist in the supervision of the salesperson’s licensees under their supervision. The instructor will explain benefits of brokers have different courses than licensees. The students will begin working in groups to begin building their courses for future instruction.

The instructor will work through student interaction of building measurable teaching objectives, timed outlines while working in groups. The students upon leaving the course will have the ability to create a class for instruction of brokers. This course will help them remain complaint with the Georgia Real Estate Commission and assist the salesperson under their supervision to better the real estate industry.

GREC / GREAB Annual School Meeting

Friday, December 2, 2022

Mental Health and Building Resiliency – Instructor: Lt. Debra Kalish

Suicide is a leading cause of death and has long-lasting effects of individuals, families, and communities. Everyone can help prevent suicide by learning the warning signs and by promoting prevention and resilience. This session will enable you to help not only yourself but to recognize the warning signs in others and provide you with the tools you need to help yourself and others.

Fair Housing and Property Management: Drilling Deeper – Instructor: Mike Nelson

In this interactive session, we will identify several of the considerations relevant to a fair housing complaint and investigation. We will discuss and describe several more subtle examples of fair housing violations, such as considerations regarding familial status and disability. You will be able to list and describe screening and management techniques to avoid fair housing complaints and violations.

This is not a basic course. We are going to drill deeper into specific examples and actual cases in order to better see the many factors and considerations for each unique circumstance.

Handout: Fair Housing & Property Management – Drilling Deeper #75771