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Welcome! This website provides information on the Georgia Instructor Training (GIT) course that is offered by the Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC) to comply with Rule 520-3-.03(3)(f). 

The GIT course is sponsored by the Georgia Real Estate Educators Association in part through an education contract from the Real Estate Education, Research and Recovery Fund. 

For information about instructor licensure in Georgia, go to www.grec.state.ga.us

For specific details about who needs to obtain an Instructor License and on becoming a Prelicense Instructor, go to:


Click here for GREC contact information: http://www.grec.state.ga.us/about/contactus.html.

Please note: The Georgia Real Estate Commission (GREC) changed it's requirements for new instructors. Prelicense Instructors are now required to attend the GIT prior to being approved by the GREC. 

For questions about a specific GIT course, email GREEA@garealtor.com or call 678-597-4135.